Climate Action for Everyone

In the fight against climate change, Individual action can make a significant impact. The challenge is understanding our personal environmental impact, figuring what actions to take and integrating climate actions in our daily lives

Get Your Carbon Footprint in Real-Time, with Every Transaction

With Yori, you can take climate action with every purchase you make. You’ll know in real-time the carbon footprint of every transaction, so you can make sustainable choices to reduce or offset your personal effect on climate change.  Because every single purchase has an impact.
Coffee & Cake
11 kg CO2
This transaction caused as much CO2 as a 143 km car trip

It Pays to Spend Sustainably

There are more sustainable alternatives to most of the goods and services you purchase or how you purchase them. We have a curated database of 100s of ethical and sustainable brands to make it easier for you to find better alternative and even get discounts when you purchase socially responsible brands.

Make an Even Bigger Contribution to Protecting The Planet

With every purchase you make, you’ll automatically support climate protection projects that are not only making a difference around the world but also supporting the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Trees You've Planted

How It Works?

Download the Yori app, create an account, and link your bank or payment card
Carbon Footprint
Make your purchases and Yori will automatically calculate your carbon footprint
Reduce or Offset
Shop sustainable alternatives and automatically contribute to reforestation projects

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